Homophobia: a Religion and Culture in Black America

St. Pete Times correspondent Bill Maxwell drew from Tracy Morgan’s anti-gay slight this week to draw a larger message to the black community. A good message. A sign, perhaps, that the black community can go through the same “last person in Disney”* effect. This is the penultimate stage towards what fonts out under the feet of the white community, known as “White Liberal Guilt”. First you repress, then you feel ashamed.

Several studies and polls show that homophobia is a major part of African-American culture, enabled by religious and political nonsense and emotional and intellectual immaturity.

Of course, that sentence would be so much better if it were ‘political and religious nonsense.’ The farther we move religion from nonsense, the more we lie to ourselves, but I digress, of course.

The striking point of Maxwell’s op-ed comes in this graf:

I always have been confounded by the paradox that black people, historical victims of discrimination in the United States, discriminate against another minority. I am even more confounded that the black church — the most powerful institution in black life and at the forefront of the civil rights movement — is a major source of black homophobia.

Maxwell proceeds to list examples of hypocrisy in the religious sector of black culture, point out one closeted gay anti-gay preacher and also quotes the always thought-provoking Michael Eric Dyson.



* Wherein, upon entering Disney World, you turn around and tell all the other people in line behind you that the park’s closed. No one else can get into Disney World.


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