Ad With Respectable Message Draws Ire For Some Reason…

The above image is the result of a $125,000 ad push from the state, on some levels to respond to the state’s dismal position as having the highest fatality rate of cyclists hit by cars, with the Tampa Bay Area in the position as the second worst city in the nation for cyclist fatalities.

For some reason, the ad draws controversy because a) a gay-spandex cyclist ought not represent the whole group b) a tank gives the impression drivers own the roads and b-2) that cyclists shouldn’t get on the road at all c) some cyclists admit to fault in their own ranks and want that depicted d) the “Share the Road” mantra was just fine or maybe just plain old e) some under-expressed fears of blaming the victim (cyclists) for getting steam-rolled.

Seriously, I’m not kidding. Just read all these catty complaints. If you like, imagine this dialogue taking place in the Don Draper’s office, because they do exclusively source ad-men for this news story. That makes it somehow less annoying of an article to read.



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