An Ethical Double Standard For Rep. Weiner, Gov. Spitzer, et al.

Sure. This sounds like excusing the liberals and secularists of the same moral violations as conservatives. But, there’s two things at hand here, and sometimes when we have two different things, we need two different standards.

We have intelligent leaders and well-argued proponents and then we have demagogues, intolerant and ignorant, existing entirely inside a self-sustaining Fox News echo dome. These demagogues are the same people who herald on high the death of our nation by a lack of the morals they themselves can’t seem to uphold. Instead, this constant vomitous invective serves only as talking points to rile up the (probably) similarly minded. Those incapable of moral clarity but dubiously unaware of their own moral failings.

But, for secularists and liberals, they don’t spend every contituents second railing against marital infidelity and homosexuality – and then go out and do those same hideous things. Secularists give no credence to those boundaries.

Congressman Weiner wasn’t a hypocrite. He’s a post-modern adult male. In him, we all see ourselves. Unhappy with just one person’s love and attention when every thing, every device and social trope tells us more is better. More friends. More romance. People propping up a vapid ego in this sea of irrelevance and boredom that so many of us find as the plain reality of adulthood. (Sorry, that got personal).

Eliot Spitzer may not live up to this model of defying personal hypocrisy. But, he’s proven to be the smartest man in the room on financial crimes and strategies for surviving the recession. Spitzer did rail against whoring while whoring himself. Yet, who of recent political office is as well informed on current financial issues and has the fire to do something about it? In fact, New York may have been in better shape today if the state hadn’t faux-morality knee-jerked him out of office.

Now, let’s compare this to Gov. Sanford’s tryst with a dark South American lovely. Florida Congressman Mark Foley’s molestation of teenage congressional employees. Sen. Ensign fucking his friend’s wife, unapologetically and openly, pretty much phoning his friend to say ‘hey, I’m fucking your wife but when she leaves I’ll remind her to get the milk.’ These conservatives decry the sins of our post-modern race. Then they swim in them. In fact, it seemed almost trite or redundant or just plain a waste of time to put (R-Fla.) or (R-SC) etc. after these fine gentleman’s titulars. God. What does that mean for us…***

Hypocrisy is the only true evil in the sexual deviance of these conservatives. Since Dante, our western culture has had a special reserve of loathing for the hypocrite. Especially when religio-social morals come into play.

So, let’s not lop the hypocrite with their mimics (the liberals), especially when secularists are just doing exactly what they believe in (which usually is nothing) and don’t embarrass their intellect (or their pledge to constituents) when they do it, cheat on their wives. Because who cares. Everyone does it. Our leaders are supposed to be us. Let’s not get mad that they are. Us, I mean.

Additional reading:

Washington Post: Lawmakers’ fiscal gambles are worse than sexual ones

But while recklessness is pervasive in Washington, most of the time it’s not sexual or financial but professional. President George W. Bush taking the nation to war twice while cutting taxes; President Obama delivering a major transformation of the nation’s health-care system without a single vote from the opposition; Rep. Paul Ryan, the House budget chairman, proposing an end to the Medicare guarantee to make more room for tax cuts; Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, gambling that he can go a second straight year without passing a budget at all.

In fact, we’d be better off if lawmakers gambled more with their private parts and less with the public good.


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