Virulent E. Coli Strain Born of German Bean Sprouts

No announcement yet, as to whether the dastardly Germans’ ingenious mutated sprouts are part of a larger, sneakier, post-WW2 mad scientist plot to rule the world.  However, the link is clear. The evidence is in. Evil Germans are producing mutated vegetable product that inherently contains the deadliest E. Coli. strain yet known.

Or, you know, that’s all bullshit because you didn’t read like 14 grafs down in this MSNBC story (or any other story on this event) to find the real reason:

E. coli can be found in the feces of humans and livestock and can spread to produce through sloppy bathroom habits among farmworkers and through animal waste in fields and irrigation water. Organic farms tend to use more manure than other producers.

There’s shit in the food, people. Sick shit. Shit from sick animals and sick people. Enjoy.



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