Probably the Last of These

Howard Troxler’s last column comes out in a few days, and I feel obligated to post this list up on the St. Petersburg Times website summarizing his oeuvre from 1992 to the present with a few excerpts. Notice, if you will, the slow descent w/r/t the Florida Legislature and how probable it is that Troxler’s leaving this state indefinitely once retiring. He’s quite literally so fed up with Florida government that he’s moving. Perhaps, one of the few people ever to do so publicly.

Just one quote for fun:

Insult aside, the real accomplishment of talk radio and talk TV in American life has been to accelerate the divorce of opinion from fact. It is no longer necessary … if, in truth, it ever was … to base opinion on some smattering of fact. We have become a nation of 250 million know-it-alls, knowing more than the universities, more than scientists, more than judges and juries, more than, above all else, the president of the United States, who is incessantly wrong, and not only wrong, but foolish, and not only foolish, but actively evil, a man to be reviled, to be mocked, of whom not one good thing can be said…



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