Disturbing Trend at Assisted Living Facilities

After a feature in the Miami Herald (Neglected to Death), Florida senator Nan Rich (Sunrise), called for regulatory changes that would encourage the state’s existing regulatory infrastructure to take action. Not surprisingly, AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration), who already oversees the state’s assisted living facilities, seems to be lacking in the enforcement arm of the regulatory process. ¬†The report by the Herald identified 70 cases of neglect and abuse, some at assisted livings facilities.

On a personal note, I’m throwing this in here because my grandmother’s on her way into assisted living, from a very quick turnaround of about one month on 24-hour in-home nursing care at my parent’s house.

And on an even more personal note, no fucking duh that the dogma of our conservative state would not apply existing regulations and enforcement. The on-air story I heard immediately airing before I put this up made the point much clearer and I’ll try to find it. But, the problem here is that Florida has too many seniors. Yes, too many. There are more people retiring now than ever and there’s almost like a proto-bubble – in economics terms – going on here and old folks are basically being warehoused. If this were an economic model: profit comes from taking rent checks basically on the old folks per month. Then, all the upkeep, supervision, entertainment, food; that’s all overhead. Reduce your overhead and you reduce your bottom line and human beings or not, this is about profit damnit.


Read (or listen) more here, here or here.


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