A Song of Hope?

Hah, yeah right. Buckle down Suzy, cause this Bronco lays some serious pipe.

This is America: Corporate stealing is practically the national pastime, and Goldman Sachs is far from the only company to get away with doing it. But the prominence of this bank and the high-profile nature of its confrontation with a powerful Senate committee makes this a political story as well. If the Justice Department fails to give the American people a chance to judge this case — if Goldman skates without so much as a trial — it will confirm once and for all the embarrassing truth: that the law in America is subjective, and crime is defined not by what you did, but by who you are.

This, in response to Sen. Levin’s bipartisan committee report on the rampant fraud and criminal activity in Goldman Sachs, from the top to the bottom.

And how fucked it is, and we are, when the SEC and FBI – organizations quite literally tasked for this type of criminal monitoring and prosecuting – are completely silent and a handful of Senators led by Carl Levin, are the ones lashing Sachs in public, barely. Meanwhile, the people going to jail committed fraud on a different scale and existed outside the corrupt culture of Wall Street: bundling CDOs, hedging against investments you were selling to clients, etc.



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