A Nation of Children

Ugh, that’s fucking horrifying. Worst image I could ever imagine seeing. Can you imagine anything more sphincter-loosening.  It’s like socialism had fascisms hate baby, and it came out like that thing from 300 but wearing only a diaper and a cape.  So… exactly like that thing, but it just comes in your house and you catch it fucking you wife, and it’s HUGE and she LOVES it.  That’s how bad this is.

What happens next, here? I mean, in general. Everywhere these solar panels pop up, they’re derided as eyesores.  First off the coast of a wealthy neighborhood in Massachusettes, which I covered somewhere here but am too lazy to search for. And now here, and with lots of intermediary events of similarly ridiculous whinerism.

In suburban New Jersey:

The solar installations, the first and most extensive of their kind in the country, are part of a $515 million investment in solar projects by PSE&G under a state mandate that by 2021 power providers get 23 percent of their electricity from renewable sources.

I’m about to go on vacation and remembered wanting to throw this story up here.  I really don’t want to spell this one out. Can you figure it out? What it means for our country that NIMBYism goes this deep and that, maybe, the problem is the black heart of America’s conservative suburban soul.



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