Free Speech or Shouting Fire in a Theatre?

That I even have to ask this question has a starkly religious impetus.  Meaning, without the utter irrationality and fundamental lack of comprehension for even what free speech is this would never have happened. We would not be discussing it. But, because Muslims are insane*, here we are, asking whether the above man can burn whatever the hell he and his massively out-of-date mustache want.

Last month, the pastor of a tiny church in Florida dressed up in a judge’s robes and held a mock trial in which he pronounced a death sentence upon the Quran, an order he then carried out using kerosene and a barbecue lighter. News of his deed spread to Afghanistan, where thousands rioted during two days of protests that left 21 people dead, including 7 U.N. workers.

Terry Jones then went to Dearborn, Mich. – note: Huge Muslim population – to stage rallies. He was arrested for attempting to incite a riot on this side of the civilized world and taken to trial.  Largely for the Dearborn thing, but one just knows its kind of because he got 21 people killed in the butthole of the world.

The mere notion that we’re even holding a trial here offends some people. Obviously, no matter how much we collectively rational human Americans all disagree with Jones and his mustache, we all agree he can burn pretty much whatever he wants to satisfy his god’s lust and earn his eternal space cake (Thank you Mr. Oswalt).

And yet, isn’t it kind of like shouting fire in a crowded theatre? If you tell a bunch of Muslim’s that you desecrated their holy book and they go off a-killing, its kind of like kicking an ant hill. I mean, that its already a de facto “duh” response is meta-scary.  That these types of nut-jobs exist in the world, I mean.  But, they do, and better or worse, he should have known better and whether he get’s officially punished, he’s got blood on his hands. But, I’m not laying down judgment. Our rights here in the U.S.A. have got nothing to do with what a bunch of idiots overseas anywhere want or think of us.

*I don’t want to hear anything about “fringe group” or “small minority” or that Muslims in the U.S. are different or whatever. Definition of insane: a mass delusion that inspires murder to defend fuzzy concepts like the honor and dignity of the rants of an illiterate and epileptic desert dweller from 1.5 millenium ago.



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