Keeping Self-Doubt Shallow

Can any discussion of wrongness not also indicate someone has the right answers? Or even broach the topic that there are Right answers? Capital R, like Truth. As in, the Ultimate.

Overall, this discussion of wrongness keeps it shallow.  Yes, we should all allow a little self-doubt to creep into the Citadel of Rightness that we’ve built for ourselves.  But in ending this discussion on such a sudden, grand note, Shultz is inviting us to throw our hands up and relish or at least preserve wrongness. At least, that’s how I felt at the end. Despite having been with her the whole rest of the way, in total agreement, she just loses me at the end.

Like this, basically:

Wow, the universe is so big.  How can we know – i.e. how can we be so arrogant as to claim to be right?  So let’s just keep on at being wrong because chances are, either way we’ll end up being wrong.

Or did no one else make that leap when the video ended? Did you all look deeply into yourselves and said, without irony, “Maybe there is/is no God” – “I should apologize to…” – “It’s time to finally give Dad a call…”, etc.


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