What an Asshole, cont.

Get ready for this. Governor Scott has made a complete about-face on the prescription drug and pain clinic abuse problem we have in Florida.

Gov. Scott testified before Congress on how awesome Florida is at managing  prescription drug abuse (of the 100 most-proscribing doctors in the USA of widely-abused Rx pain killers, 98 of those doctors are in Florida).

[he] bragged about Florida’s current crackdown on its pain-pill problem — including the drug database he long opposed.

And it gets better:

After describing the severe problems that Florida has had with the overprescribing of narcotics to addicts and drug dealers, Scott answered a question about what Washington could do to help states by replying: “regulating these manufacturers.”

“Why are they even able to sell these things?” Scott asked, rhetorically. “Should there be a much more limited use?”

It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, because a few minutes later Scott again called for federal regulation: “There ought to be restrictions on what these drugs can be used for, prescribed (for).”

Does that still look wierd. Wasn’t this the guy so anti-regulation, and so in favor of protecting privacy rights of those who proscribe drugs and abuse prescription drugs?

Without mentioning his earlier opposition, Scott said the drug database will be rolled out…

Scott’s change of position mirrored that of state House leaders, who on Tuesday unveiled an 86-page rewrite of an earlier bill that called for the repeal of the drug database and regulations on pain clinics adopted in previous years.

By accepting the database and other regulations, the House made it more likely that its own tweaks to the law will make it through the legislative session.

While I applaud Gov. Scott for finally getting it right.  I think it’s fair and in good form to point out how dramatically wrong Gov. Scott was on this issue. Protecting the privacy rights of drug addicts and shady doctors at even shadier pain clinics while you’ve got your grubby little fingers invested all through the medical industry stinks of unethical behavior.  I’m not saying Scott was trying to profit off of Rx drug addicts.  What I’m saying is, Scott was making sure he and his friends in the medical industry could both profit together off the illegal purchases of drug addicts* through his authority as the Governor of the State with the highest incidence of Rx drug abuse and addiction.  There’s a difference.

Only after the public and, more importantly, the Republican state legislature completely abandoned Scott on the issue, did he change his mind, admit to having an Rx drug addict in his family and make compassioned bleating noises from the floor of Congress.


*This is not intended to be a factual statement. Amirite?


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