Gov. Scott Clears One Ethical Hurdle

Some of you may remember the conflict of interest story I linked to and widely circulated in the news. Scott had previously held investments in Solantic, a Florida medical clinic, that could have benefitted from Scott’s proprosed privitization of certain types of medical care.  Scott had transferred his investment’s to his wife.  A move largely seen as intensely cynical and derisive of our collective intellect.

Well, the St. Pete Times is reporting that this debacle is over. Their story does not mention that Scott’s wife no longer holds any investment in the clinics. It does mention that Scott sold his investment. But, he transferred it to his wife.  All-in-all, a confusing story.  You tell me, what’s happened here?


P.S. There’s some positive maneuvers on the battlefronts.  Stuck in the trenches is this piece of legislation that would prevent this specific type of ethical entanglement.

Such conflicts will continue to arise until the Legislature passes reforms that would require the governor, lieutenant governor and three Cabinet members to place their personal assets into blind trusts. A bill (SB 86) that would accomplish those changes remains stuck in a Senate committee, and legislative leaders should get it moving.


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