Asked to Intellectualize Their Faith, Catholic Priests Rebel

Pardon the delving into Church Ephemera.

The Catholic Church released a new Missal which basically re-translates the original Latin into a more heady English.

Currently, Catholics say that Jesus is “one in being with the Father,” but in the future they will say that Jesus is “consubstantial with the Father.” This is one of several changes that include unfamiliar vocabulary.


In the current Mass, when the priest says, “The Lord be with you,” the congregation responds, “And also with you.” Come November, the congregation will respond, “And with your spirit.”

Quite a few clergymen – 22,000 – signed a petition to stop the shift from the current comprehensible English to the proposed Old World English, which would begin on November 27.

Basically, the problem is formality. But, underlying that problem is a problem of vocabulary and archaic knowledge of the gears of your faith.  Concepts like consubstantiation often never leave the theological round-tables of the most serious Seminaries.  Expecting that of your flock, may it be too much?



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