Good Point Mr. NYTimes Columnist

With respect to the national budget debate, Ross Douthat, of the New York Times weighs in.

He argues that whatever economic policy we pursue, it must 1) cut back spending 2) encourage economic growth and 3) not hurt the working poor and instead stimulate class mobility amongst them.

He calls it “small-government egalitarianism” a term proffered by another economist.

Washington can favor policies that enhance working-class opportunity, while ruthlessly paring back those that subsidize the affluent…

But, the Republican budget proposed by Paul Ryan offers:

….cuts to farm subsidies, means-testing for Medicare, and promises to go after tax expenditures that primarily benefit the rich. But at least in its initial draft, too much of the budget’s austerity is borne by downscale Americans.

Love the use of “downscale Americans” by the way.  The Aldi-Americans. The T.J. Maxx Americans. The Wal-Mart in the middle of the night herding around your litter of obese children dressed in free t-shirts from Bob’s Stucco and the Blood Mobile.



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