D.F.W. Of the Day

From an essay on television watching, largely keeping in mind that the average American watches 6 hours of television:

What responses to television’s commercialization of the modes of literary protest seem possible then, today? One obvious option is for the fiction writer to become reactionary, fundamentalist. Declare contemporary television evil and contemporary culture evil and turn one’s back on the whole spandexed mass and invoke instead good old pre-1960s Beaumontish virtues and literal readings of the Testaments and be pro-Life, anti-Fluoride, antediluvian. The problem with this is that Americans who’ve opted for this tack seem to have one eyebrow straight across their forehead and knuckles that drag on the ground and really tall hair and in general just seem like an excellent crowd to want to transcend. Besides, the rise of Reagan/Bush/Gingrich showed that hypocritical nostalgia for a kinder, gentler, more Christian pseudo-past is no less susceptible to manipulation in the interests of corporate commercialism and PR image. Most of us will still take nihilism over neanderthalism.

On second thought, plucked out of context, that seems like an argument in favor of continued obsessive television watching and thats not what the essay is about at all. But I found a digital copy available below, should you take interest.

On Google Books and Amazon


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