Well, College Students, Time to Hate on Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature are demanding more of college students and their families than they are willing to invest in higher education.

Now the previus two sentences before the above quoted sentence makes clear that Florida’s tuition rates are among the lowest in the nation.  They need to go up.  Let’s get over that point-of-fact.  It sucks, but Floridians are escaping some burden.

However, here’s where its fucked.  The legislature has cut funding to public education in the state by 22 percent while tuition has gone up 47 percent.

This is the same scandal as with the Lotto.  The lotto pumps money into the budget for public education and the state, therefore, removes funding for education.  Net spending remains the same, instead of going up as intended.  The status quo remains.  And the windfall difference in funding goes to other pet projects, to cut taxes, patch up the budget – some reasonable and some sinister. Neither, though, were ever spelled out when selling this proposal to citizens.



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