Rx Database Prevails, Rick Scott Eats Crow

Killing the database before it started was a top priority of Scott and Republican House Speaker Dean Cannon, who say it would be an invasion of privacy and won’t help solve the state’s prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Despite Scott’s objections, the Department of Health already had all they needed to execute the program.  The database had been held up by objections, even though the law allowing the formation of the monitoring program already passed.  So, it’s moving forward.  And state grants and donations from Big Pharma companies will fund the project for at least two years, according to the article.

“That means by August or September it will be online,” he said. “It will probably take about a year to show its utility. I’m very pleased. It’s taken a long time for this to occur.”

I realize I probably didn’t explain the background on how Scott’s pleas to cancel it were the impotent bleating of an impotent old white man, but that’s why you click the source link and figure it out yourself.



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