A Healthier Tampa Bay?

So let’s see where we stand according to the Tampa Bay Partnership – a regional improvement-minded group that got behind both the light rail and high speed rail projects.

Deaths in Tampa Bay from suicide and lung cancer are greater than the state and the nation. More Tampa Bay residents are diagnosed with diabetes than people are nationally. Motor vehicle deaths, plus pedestrian and bicycle traffic deaths are all “alarmingly high…

the ranks of the uninsured are much higher in the Tampa Bay area, at 28 percent, than for the nation, at 22 percent.

The Partnership’s goal, thankfully, is not to shame us with reminders of how fat and stupid we are and how poorly the roads of our Great Festering Toilet by the Bay is laid out.

It’s something like:

seek[ing] ways to improve the quality of life, including jobs, housing, education and health by the middle of this century.



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