PETA Makes the Case for *SNORE*

Make no mistake, this law is a big deal. I know the St. Pete Times treated it like a junk filler story. I can’t help that.

On Tuesday PETA’s VP came to USF to speak to students about the bill proposed by Sen. Jim Norman that would make it a crime to film undercover video at farm.

Basically, when you think PETA to yourself two things should come to mind. Naked women covered in blood and fur. And some of the worst videos you’ve ever seen in your life and if you aren’t a vegetarian but are subject to human sentiments like guilt and compassion you shouldn’t ever watch them if you want to enjoy maybe thanksgiving ever or that sausage bacon cheese egg concoction mass-extruded through a sphincter-esque pump manned by whatever minimum-wage immigrant force pervades your area of domicile.

But, thankfully, similar bills to Norman’s have failed because of public outcry in places like Texas and Colorado. Fortunately, Florida has been on a streak of disappointing me – maybe though, you don’t so much mind the persistent skull-fucking by Scott and his cronies.

Let’s hope for the best, which is more than a crowd of dispassionate undergrads can offer, or at the least the retarded and naive fury of a few dorm-confined shoe-less flower children.



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