How to Greet an Asshole

But it seemed like more than half of the stadium booed. Their jeer was a continuous drone that lasted for most of the time Scott was on the mound.

There’s also this video from the Rays game shot by St. Pete Times contributors that I’m unable to embed.

Which, to be frank, probably had a lot to do with this:

I mean, come on. You’re in Tampa Bay, don’t show up at a Yankee training game in Yankee garb. Go neutral.

I’d like to believe FB groups lke “Boo Rick Scott on Opening Day (even if you’re not going to the game” had some political maneuvers behind them. What with their roughly 1,200 members.  I guess that’s respectable for such a niche political statement.

Then again, the comments on the above FB group are the general melange of internet intellect:

Fuck that bag of douche! F’n teabager! Glad he got boo’d, he can go fuck himself. High 5 Bryan!!

Insanely, very few Tea Baggers have commented in defense, and a lot of the recent comments were links to other articles about Scott and intelligent discussion about specific things Scott is doing wrong. Holy shit I might have been wrong at the top of this post.  This is a legit usage of FB for a political statement.

Two articles worth reposting from the protesters. This one about Scott being the least popular Gov. in the country. And this story I put up yesterday about Scott’s conflict of interest in the health insurance field.

In his defense, one Tea Bagger I saw on the group’s wall posted:

If Floridians would stop being so “Me Gimmie Mine”, deep cuts could be avoided. Suck it up ya greasey, wrinkled, narcissistic bastards.

There were not any mean replies of the 6 that were up when I checked it. And two separate people offered valid critiques:

1) Mike, Please! Insulting people shows a lack of character. The issue is not “gimme mine” it’s stop taking and taking and taking mine! The corporations won’t pay their share and we are having to make up for it.. that is hardly narcissictic. did you hear how much funding was cut for children with disabilities? If you didn’t hear about that, read up then, cause it will definately chap you where the sun doesn’t shine.


2) Mike? The “Me, Gimme Mine” may be developmentally disabled children that receive state sponsored tutoring. The deep cuts may affect them directly. Are you ok with this?

I’m genuinely impressed! Go Florida moderates/liberals/anti-Scott’s of any persuasion.



One Response to How to Greet an Asshole

  1. Quinten says:

    Rick Scott. *facepalm*

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