Why Cleanliness =/= Godliness

Nivea Hair Care

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I can’t find a better link. But, you know how I don’t really wash my hair that much? Behold! Science!

It’s the “Germ-free Dirty Hippies” podcast. Its about the third one down. Enjoy.

I also sent them the below e-mail. So fingers crossed, I might have my insane rants read aloud.

I’m slightly disappointed that you didn’t crack a definitive answer on whether washing our heads with shampoo is necessary, or if its better for hair health/scalp health/etc.

A friend of mine made some powerful arguments about scalp oils, how your body reacts to No Poo after being so used to daily washing, and overall hair health after going No Poo (we don’t call it that – I haven’t decided if its better that way).

Anyways, let’s just say in the past 12 months I’ve probably used shampoo maybe 6 or 7 times.  Until two weeks ago I hadn’t used shampoo in probably 6 months. Generally speaking, I only use shampoo if I go to the beach or swim in a heavily chrlorinated pool.  Though, I do use conditioner about once a month.

Let me just say, my hair is gorgeous. That’s probably the most narcissitic sentence a 23 year old male can utter.  But it is. Random women (that’s right, plural) have stopped me just to say, “Hey, I’ve seen your around the office and I just have to say, I don’t know what you do, but you have gorgeous hair.” You can’t imagine the speed with which a human face can transition to abject horror when I quote how long it’s been since I’ve used shampoo. It is quite a sight.

The worst part of terminating your relationship with shampoo is the first two months or so (I guess depending how active you are. Actually to make things worse I’m an avid distance runner with 8in. long hair that I bundle up in a bandana when running or weight lifting). During that two month period, your scalp seems to freak out and over-produce oils. Lots of warm showers and scalp massaging – like Julie mentioned – help a great deal. But its still kinda gross.

So maybe that’ll inspire you to crack this riddle and relieve us all from the shackles of Big Poo. Mmm, I don’t feel good about that joke at all. And hey, if you want to publicly shame me, feel free.  Julie seemed nervous about 7 days.  I am not the least bit bothered by my shampoo status. And no, it doesn’t smell bad.  Not even after a run.  I’ve told many people to smell it when they make disgusted faces.  The worst people have to say is, “it just smells like hair.”


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