President’s Infantile Writing

A few weeks ago, in a spiteful gesture my dad gave me Decision Points after I’d gifted him a Dwight Eisenhower biography – the one written by his son and Nixon’s daughter.

I still don’t understand the symbolism there. Grammy King and her son (my dad) always get together and reminisce in decidedly klan-like terms about the Good Old Days. These seem to hover around the heady days after World War II and before Vietnam. You know, when America had nothing to worry about, everyone did very well for themselves, and every American was a paragon of moral righteousness. This conversation happens quite regularly, e.g. whenever the two are together for more than 4 minutes. They always silently and un-self-consciously imply that this applies only to white, middle-class, anglo-saxons.  You know, the proto-“Real America”.*

So, I guess I do understand why he gave me Decision Points. I gave him a book that’s like “is this how you fucking remember it in your glossy-eyed ideals?” And he gives me a book, like “is he really a chimp and/or Satan incarnate?”

In both cases, no. No. George W. Bush isn’t evil. He also, probably, isn’t stupid. Instead, I think, after reading DP, that W is just wrong. He’s wrong about how he sees the world. He’s also a hot-head, a fundamentalist Christian and insanely unworried by contradictions between his ‘facts’ and reality. Obviously, these characteristics conspire to give us the 8 years we had.

Also, I didn’t think DP was ghost-written. It’s a tome, people. A tome for the monkey-faced babboon of a man who wrote it. Wait, wait. I figured to internet this. It was ghost-written. By Christopher Michel the intern-turned-favorite speech writer. 

Read one chapter. It takes maybe 30 minutes. It sounds like W. and I assume that’s because his speech writer owns W’s voice.  So maybe the man himself didn’t craft the sentences, but the infantile tone, retarded logic and Bible-thumping integrity all reek of the je ne sais quoi we’ve missed these past two Bush-less years.

Again, though. The take-away is that Bush is neither evil nor stupid. Just wrong. He’s wrong about everything he does. But he’s wrong very sincerly. And it’s informed by his fundamentalism and inability to comprehend factual reality (as opposed to the divinely inspired).


*Of course, I am ignored whenever I mention the very Mad Men reality of the 50s and early 60s. Mob bosses (Catholics like good’ole Grammy King), the nascent drug culture and sexual revolution, green berets on the ground in Indochina, gender inequality, the fires of racial unrest that spawned the Civil Rights movement, etc. etc.


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