Wait, We Can’t Mock Obese People?

There’s this essay about the prospects of an obese goaltender ruining hockey.  And then Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish says this:

What follows is an essay that proves one thing: mocking the obese in print is so accepted in society that the Wall Street Journal will print an entire article that relies on doing so throughout for a punchline.

Yeah, it is accepted.  Like that restaurants don’t have smoking sections anymore.  Smokers can go fuck themselves.  Two seats on an airplane for fattys? Fuck yes.

I don’t get the sensitivity at all.  There’s a starving obese child in me, like every human, who rebels against my attempts to hold down the shameful gluttonous instincts that our American culture has planted firmly within my meaty man-chest.  And then I hate myself for a little while and am reminded why I chose not to indulge the fat kid inside me.

We absolutely should mock the obese.



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