Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb-Dumb!

Of all places, I heard Adam Sessler of G4tv mention this David Brooks editorial on the Feedback Podcast about Homefront.  I know, right?

In it, Brooks defines the problems of prosecuting wars via multilateralism (war efforts undertaken by broad coalitions, like the U.N. – examples include Kosovo-Bosnia, Rwanda, the first Gulf War) as opposed to the problems with unilateralism (for example, the current Iraq and Afghanistan wars).  Perhaps just by  giving you those two comparisons, you’ve come to your own conclusion about why Brooks’ derision for multilateralism smacks of a certain willful ignorance. A pressing need not to understand and face facts. 

In the Libyan campaign, Qaddafi’s defenders will be fighting for land, home, God and country. The multinational force will be organized by an acronym and motivated by a calibrated calculus to achieve a humanitarian end.

Yes, Mr. Brooks. Cold reality and logical argument are such terrible motivators for war. People* don’t want to fight or die for ideas they agree with for provable reasons, they want to fight and die for fuzzy feelings like patriotism and God (which he says is why Qaddafi’s forces might rebuff multilateral actions taken against them). Sounds stupid,  right?

In the end, Brooks’ editorial is a facade for an argument in favor of American Exceptionalism – that other nations may want to play the nation-building, Team America: World Police game, but they can only spectate.  Only American leadership can violently enforce broad freedom agendas and legislate freedom and morality across national borders.

*Westerners, no less – participating in the UN action. People raised on notions of freedom, liberty and defense against tyranny. At the very least, Westerners and Arabs opposed to the wholesale slaughter of people by an insane despot.



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