Mandatory Self-Reflection

Since I’ve been batting around in my head writing down my own manifesto of sorts.  OK, not a manifesto, but an apology. I was going to write my apology.  And also write what I’ve learned in my first year of adulthood.

Hey, so some one on Cracked beat me to it, and now I feel like I should try to be comedic. Who cares, I think I’ll just give up and be sad and drone.  For once, I’d like to write about something that isn’t laced with judgment towards other humans. I love humans. They’re the only thing next to hungry puppies or scared piglets that can make me instantly cry*.

So give this a read because I’m probably not publishing my own probably heart-wrenching and confidential thoughts on my life.

*We’re including Up in the humans category for brevity.


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