The White Menace

Pills. No other drugs are as destructive across socio-economic boundaries.  The rich don’t smoke crack or shoot heroin. They take pills.  From Cindy McCain’s admission to being addicted to painkillers to local Tampa superstar Billy Mays’ death last year from a true cocktail of prescription drugs, no other form of controlled substance has as much economic range.

Mostly because they start out as a legal addiction which – cocaine and alcohol aside – probably killed Billy Mays.

So there’s my conspiracy theory why Gov. Rick Scott won’t allow implementation of a Florida law that would create a database of prescriptions, their authors and their users.

In this newest salvo of the Drug War, take a glimpse at the solutions – which aren’t solutions at all. But a way for the legal and illegal user (read: Republican constituency) to continue to get high while the government washes its hands and acts befuddled about the program’s future ineffectiveness.

…the governor, who claims he has concerns about privacy — though law enforcement won’t have access to the database without an active investigation. He has halted the database implementation and rejected the $1 million donation [from a major pharmaceutical company to implement the database].

Schenck and House leaders have gone even further, proposing to roll back the regulations on pain management doctors — claiming that just banning them from dispensing the narcotics will solve the problem.

That’s right. Ban the prescription of oxycodone and the Rush Limbaughs of the world will go cold turkey. But identify and track the Rush Limbaugh‘s and their doctors and the clinics where they receive the drugs, making them full witness to the law, that’s patently absurd and, frankly, socialist. And by-the-way, if there were records of who was prescribed these potentially devastating, but legal drugs, might it come out as dirt during a political campaign, potentially ruining the chances of famous junkie-politicos like Gavin Newson, Marion Barry, George W. Bush, etc. etc.



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