Worshiping A Culture of Failure

Staring failure in the face and calling it “winning” — that’s the closest thing we have to an American religion.

Lots of us can look back on ruined lives, lost jobs, squandered fortunes. But to look back on it all and shrug, “I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ frickin’ rock star from Mars”? That’s up there with Ahab threatening to strike the sun if it insults him.

Perhaps that’s why this Charlie Sheen meme has become so popular. It’s the battle-cry of the defeated. Your standard American response. The same way American’s can have terrible health care and some of the lowest test scores and still believe “we’re number one!”

Our national mantra goes something like:

Yeah, I fucked up. I could have done better. So what if I’m a loser. I fucking rule.

Source (Rolling Stone)


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