We Promise Not to Rape Your Kids Anymore


Please, take us back.

Seriously, there’s a bunch of these videos. Man. Shameless. Commercials to guilt all the lapse Catholics back into the pews. Not a dime spent putting rapists in frocks behind bars.

I’d have some respect for this PR push if they put right in the open their 12-step plan to ridding the church of pedophiles and rapists. Instead, the website offers lapse Catholics and the uninitiated only platitudes about “emptiness” and needing to find a place to belong. You know, the same shit any cult is selling. Remove the evil alien spirits, wear magical underwear, drink hallucinogenic tea that’s been filtered through a shaman’s bladder (e.g. drink his pee). Fill that god-size hole with nonsense and don’t you wonder about all the raping we’ll be doing in the meantime.


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