Gov. Scott’s Half-Truth: I Called It!

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Some of you have probably heard of PolitiFact. They are a non-partisan group that rates the claims of politicos for factual content.

PolitiFact went over Rick Scott’s “State of the State” speech and pulled out this gem.  Look familiar? That’s cause I called it (in bold below) the morning after the speech. [Insert Stephen Colbert moment here]

Another claim PoltiFact rated “Half-true” came during Gov. Rick Scott’s first State of the State address.

“Bing Energy, a California-based company, was courted by offers from several states, but Bing decided to come to Florida in December,” Scott said.

“The reason Florida won? Dean said it was our plan to eliminate the corporate tax.”

It’s true that Dean Minardi, CFO of Bing Energy, said, “The tipping point in our decision to move to Florida is the governor’s pledge to try to eliminate the corporate income tax. It’s huge.”

So it’s no doubt the corporate tax pledge played a role. But [PolitiFact reporter Aaron] Sharockman said the company signed agreements with Florida State University and the city of Tallahassee well before the election, suggesting the company was planning to do more business in Florida anyway.

I did it! Whoooooo! Seriously, look. I did it.





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