Bubba Ousts Official, Black Residents Lose Voice, cont.

To recap:

Davis angered many when the former police chief did not attend the officers’ funerals. Later, he said lingering trauma from the death of a fellow officer 30 years ago was the reason. He said he paid his respects at the officers’ wakes.

But then he and the mayor became talk radio fodder when Davis attended the funeral for one of the cop killers. Davis insisted he was there to support the family, not the criminal.

The mayor fired Davis the day after the second police funeral, March 2, saying he “lost confidence” in him. Davis said it was because he ignored Foster’s order to attend the second service.

Mayor Bill Foster explained that Davis’ position as a city official was no longer necessary. That the mayor would now be responsible for the residents of Midtown.

During Davis’ career, he oversaw an expansion of black community businesses in the Midtown district.

“We were given access to opportunities that traditionally weren’t available to small and African-American businesses,” said Terrell, 46. “We hope the mayor doesn’t turn back the clock.”

That isn’t the whole story on Davis. Many in the black community are ready to move past a time when one man was their conduit to the wider world of city politics.



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