Bubba Ousts Official, Black Residents Lose Voice

That headline seems awkward and stilted, but allow me to recap.

Goliath Davis, former police chief and current top city administator*, did not attend the funeral of the two officer’s gunned down during a botched raid on gunman Hydra Lacy, Jr. in January.  Davis did, however, attend the funeral of Lacy, killed in the exchanged.

This stoked the ire of local radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge.  He pointed out inaccuracies in reporting by the offices of Davis and others who said that Davis had attended the officer’s funerals. Davis denied having ever given the impression that he attended the officer’s funerals and never disputed that he did not attend them.

The day after the most recent police funeral, St. Petersburg mayor Bill Foster fired Goliath Davis.

But here’s where it get’s gossipy. The St. Pete Times asked in this article from February 8:

But did he attend the officers’ funeral?

“I paid my respects to those officers and their families,” Davis said, who repeated that line when asked again if he attended the funeral. Asked how he paid his respects, Davis said: “It doesn’t matter how. (The families of the slain officers) know how. It’s not something I want to publicize. I don’t have to give an accounting of my grief to anyone.”

Allow me to interject.  I know wives who do not attend their husbands funerals, daughters who don’t attend their mother’s. Can someone admitting to being traumatized by the last police funeral in St. Petersburg (30 some odd years ago) not avoid going to another police funeral?

“He went to the (Lacy) funeral to support a friend,” [St. Petersburg City Councilwoman Leslie] Curran said. “From what I know, he and Jeff Lacy are good friends. This has been such a difficult time. It’s a shame it’s gotten to this point. There’s more to be said for all of this then who went to the funeral and who didn’t, and who went to the Lacy funeral and who didn’t. It’s ridiculous.”

Either you take the above point of view or the below.

“I don’t care if (Davis) was a pallbearer at the (officers’) funeral,” [Bubba the Love Sponge] said. “When you go to a funeral, you are paying respects to that human being. This (expletive) is the last person you need to pay respects to. You couldn’t be more disrespectful by attending his [Hydra Lacy’s] funeral. I’m going to make it my mission to expose (Davis) as a fraud.”

This story continues briefly in the following post.



*And vocal advocate for St. Petersburg’s black community.


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