The Right’s Insanity

Remember that bill passed in Oklahoma earlier this year that banned the use of Sharia Law in court cases in the state? Well, it was blocked by a federal judge because of specific discrimination – i.e. against Muslims.  Not that a single case has ever been ruled according to Sharia Law in the United States. Maybe they wouldn’t be insane if their proposed bill addressed an actual issue. Instead, the march towards stupidity heads into Florida.

Florida Sen. Alan Hays and Rep. Larry Metz are proposing their own ban which avoids mentioning Sharia Law spcecifically but obviously aims to have the same effect as the Oklahoma legislation.

As long as Conservatives are fighting a fight no one’s having and demagoguing issues that have never – will never – happen in these United States, they deserve nothing but our derision as we would for the worst hackery.



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