Dammit Hippies P.2

You know what. That’s fine.

But this shit again at the end of the story:

It’s instances like these that show us with even more clarity the aptitude of a creature that’s threatened throughout the world. And most recently in the Gulf of Mexico as well. Matthew wrote that the dead baby dolphin rates have increased dramatically along the Gulf Coast. So far according to Mathew, 60 baby dolphins have been found in the first birthing season since the Gulf Oil Spill occurred. “Normally just one or two dead babies are found in the region in January and February.” It’s a scary phenomenon especially for such a wondrous and humanlike creature.

It’s not fucking human. It’s not.  It’s just as human-like as it is bonobo-like or chimpanzee-like or whale-like or pig-like or any other high-intelligence creature on the planet. God Dammit hippies. You make me ashamed to not eat animals.



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