The U.S. Gets its own Water Crisis

Many of you have probably heard about Gasland, one of the feature documentaries nominated for an Oscar this year.  Well, it’s startling. And, despite what I had read about the situation. It turns out I was 100% correct that Ft. Worth, Texas has horrible quality water due to natural gas mining. So, the intense headaches, and horrible pains in my throat I was getting after only one solid day of drinking water probably had everything to do with exactly what this movie talks about.  I am so glad I switched to filtered and bottled water after the first two days of drinking fracking water and getting sick.

But enough about me. The website has an amazing interactive map. Be sure to click around, it’s very educational. And of course, please check out the film on NetFlix or wherever you can find it. Like, here, for example.

Official Website

Also, I urge you to contact your elected officials to support a one paragraph piece of legislation called the FRAC Act that would re-implement the protections guaranteed by the Clear Air/Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts to natural gas mining.


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