Damnit Hippies

Apparently when one of a lifelong mating pair of gorillas die in a zoo, the widowed female gorilla becomes inconsolable. Thats the case in a zoo in Seoul currently.

OK. I’m not even going to take the five seconds it takes to wonder whether its a relevant point that these were the only two gorillas in all of Korea and – to boot – not having access to other gorillas for “over two decades”.

But this closer is inexcusable hippy nonsense:

Ultimately, the feelings of sadness and sorrow being felt by Gorina, like with us, is in response to a life and death process that is truly natural. That same emotion, however, felt by a countless number of her wild peers amidst the destructive forces of human activity, is in response to something that isn’t natural at all.

I wish I could be that blissfully stupid and self-righteous.


Note: That’s right. Superstition category. That statement is pure hippy magic pseudo-religion*.

*Aren’t they all?


One Response to Damnit Hippies

  1. Pakiprince86 says:

    I feel sad by the this grave loss that zoo has has suffered. /s

    GODDAMNED HIPPIES! I WANNA KILL ‘EM ALL! If only Cartman was a real being…

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