Borderline Insane Idealism: Gov. Scott, Why Aren’t You More Liberal?

The Palmetto Expressway northbound near Hialea...

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I don’t get it.  I’m gonna let you get it for me.  The St. Petersburg Times published a piece on three projects the state should invest <snore>….

Right? Do we think Gov. Scott’s going to dump money into any of these plans when he’s already announced plans to all but eliminate property taxes and to fully eliminate taxes on corporations in the state?

Anyways, whatever.

Excellence won’t happen as long as Florida’s teachers remain among the worst paid in the country and the higher education system is among the poorest funded.

Scott: Cry more teachers. I’d rather take a scalpel to my own cornea than consider a dollar more for education.

Spending $1 billion on transportation is worth up to 30,000 jobs, the federal government estimates. Yet Florida has delayed or killed $10 billion in road projects in the last five years.

S: Holy shit, did you catch that thing where the state’s super conservative Supreme Court told everyone to go fuck themselves and agreed with me about all that bullshit I was saying and the state lost $2.4 billion? Still, 700,000 jobs in my term so help me or you can fucking get over it because frankly there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it.

…legislators are wisely poised to finally consider alternatives to prison that have a better chance of rehabilitating criminals into productive citizens.

S: Pipe dream. I’ll veto it. A private prison system is a profitable system for fleecing the public while dehumanizing everyone from petty criminals to hardened murderers and rapists (whom we should just execute, of course).

It’s like a verbal version of pissing into a gale force wind.  All over your shirt and neck.



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