Scott: Great Asshole or Greatest Asshole?

Well, its dead.  The high-speed rail thing won’t happen this cycle.  It’s too expensive and risky for Florida’s taxpayers, Scott says. Or in reality, it’s dangerous to accept the money from Barack Muhammad Hussein Obamadin.

Gov. Scott’s decision seems in line with Gov. Scott Walker’s decision in Wisconsin. It’s like a competition of who can be a bigger dick.  Despite that affected unions have made every financial concession that Walker wanted, provided him the balanced budget he demanded – this is the Great Recession, after all – Gov. Walker still insists on stripping unions in Wisconsin of their bargaining rights.* Punishing unions seems all the rage in the rust belt.  Indiana and Illinois have begun similar plans.  And we all know that Gov. Rick Scott never really cared if Florida taxpayers would end up getting the bill for the $2.4 billion. We know because Hyundai, Siemens, and the other major high-technology firms bidding on the Florida rail project had already put full financial protections for Florida’s citizens into their contracts. Scott just refused to let the contracts be presented. I’m not making this shit up.

So, what’s the result of this trend? Are conservative leaders playing the long game with the deficit – that a risk-free $2.4 billion shot into the ball sac of Florida’s economy would lead to longer unemployment trends – or are they trying to hurt the President, and we, the humble citizens, are caught in the middle?

*Full Disclosure: Not all of them, of course, they would be left with the right to bargain collectively for wage raises in sync with inflation. Or, translated, they could continue to demand wage increases that would not be obliterated by inflation – i.e. if they made $30,000 a decade ago, and because of inflation, that $30k is only worth $26k in real terms today, they could bargain to have that $30k be worth the equivalent of $30k in today’s dollars. Or, to put it another way, they could kindly go fuck themselves over scraps.

Source and the Supreme Court’s Ruling (pdf) — Thanks St. Petersburg Times!


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