You Are Not Our CEO-in-Chief Mr. Scott

Today, a resolution will come to the lawsuit over whether Governor Rick Scott has the authority to reject $2.4 billion in federal funding for a Tampa-Orlando high-speed rail system.  By 9 a.m. Scott will speak to Ray LaHood over the phone. Both parties to the lawsuit have asked the state Supreme Court to issue a ruling today.

The argument comes down to whether Scott has, in effect, issued a veto on a matter he has no authority to veto.

The state legislature passed the Florida Rail Act and then-Governor Charlie Crist signed it.

By denying the legislature from spending the rest of the $130 million that was then appropriated, has Scott over-stepped his bounds? And since the legislature has only authorized $130 million out of $2.4 billion, how does the legislature plan to make the jump to the full amount promised by the federal government?


I’m sincerely hoping that Scott gets a big, fat shiner out of this whole debacle.


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