Gay. Lame. Stupid. Cornholio.

I think the fact that there was a PSA made means people are upset. Where do you think that the word gay picked up the connotation of wrongness or stupid? Lame at least literally means ineffective. To say that hate speech is part of your culture, or to tell the gays to man up and deal is insensitive and fucked. You’re a vegetarian right? This shows you can think and make a conscious decision to make the world a better place by denying cultural norms. Realize people are upset, think about the word you’re using, and pick a better way to express yourself.

First, it may be better to just register so we can fan this out here, cause I hate having arguments like this in Facebook.  And it’s a good one to have. 

Your contention seems to be that calling something gay that does not or can not have a sexual identity is hate speech.

In the original post, I mentioned that this is definitely an artifice of the Beavis and Butthead culture. I’m not unilaterally defending its usage.

Still, this reeks of 1990s P.C. (politically correct) culture. That’s where I’m coming from. I cannot stand PC culture.

Everyone shouldn’t have to modify their behavior just because you’ve got enough money to put out a PSA. We all have to use our best judgment on what’s a relevant cultural problem. Is it a problem to call something gay that isn’t behaving in a homosexual way? I don’t think so. Is it a problem to say “black” instead of “African-America”? No. That isn’t hate speech. It’s culturally and linguistically awkward. Same thing with retarded. Can we call stupid things retarded – something that at least makes sense in terms of the word’s actual definition.


One Response to Gay. Lame. Stupid. Cornholio.

  1. Wtfbubblelol says:

    Ok, I’m not asking everyone to stop using the word, I honestly couldn’t give a shit. I just thought it was rude of you to make the original post mocking someone’s attempt to express their displeasure of the use of the word. Saying it’s ok because you grew up with Beavis and butthead culture is it’s own bag of worms. How about people growing up in cultures where they practice female circumcision? Different levels of severity there. I’m just saying that no matter where you got it you could think about the emotions raised and implications of the word and make your own decision on it.

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