Scott Would Rather Play Politics Than Lead

Attorney General Pam Bondi basks in publicity surrounding the Florida-led federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the law.

Since Scott took office, the state has returned federal grants that would have helped pay for preparing for health care reform. The state insurance commissioner is fighting another federal provision that puts tighter limits on what portion of insurers’ premiums can be earmarked for profits and administrative costs. And Florida has not lifted a finger to create the separate insurance pool for high-risk patients or state insurance exchange that are key pieces of the federal reforms.

I don’t get it.  Most people who voted for Rick Scott cannot have been wealthy enough to not benefit from these plans. And what ever happened to human compassion.  The Medically Needy program specifically covers people who make too much money for Medicaid but cannot afford their crippling health costs.  I know very wealthy software developers with certain illnesses that cannot cover their health costs.  What are we supposed to do? Defund it? Then, basically treatable illnesses, but expensive illnesses, go untreated and more American’s die because of a lack of compassion.

I recently found out that I give more money away to charity than my parents.  I make 25k per year or less.  My parents, together, make close to 200k, probably around 175k.  They have a much higher standard of living.  But, the kicker, I’ve only given about $300 in the last 12 months.  So, yes. It’s time to punish those who make more than $100,000 per year.  Punish them with a moral imperative.  That no one should have to die because you’d rather pay for two wars, a useless air security dragnet and subsidies to Fortune 500 companies skilled enough to deploy the facade of the yeomen farmer.



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