May Have Entirely Missed the Point


I don’t think this commercial will achieve it’s goal.  That’s a harsh pronouncement for sure a poorly executed PSA.  Do the gays actually get mad when the breeders call stuff gay that cannot have a sexual identity? On what level does the frustration run? Do the gays get mad because its a cock tease about how gay that waiter’s acting when we don’t mean he’s actively performing fellatio, instead that he’s probably skipping when he walks?

Do the gays take offense for the implicit link between the word gay and the dead 90s word “lame” or even dumb and stupid – as the commercial suggests.  Do the gays really think that breeders think that gays are dumb and stupid? Is the same link implicit? Like, when I say gay in a way that doesn’t specifically reference homosexuality, am I implying that the act I’m describing is “stupid like a homosexual”. That’s a big leap, gays. A big leap over Mount Gaysex.*

Or are they mad because the gays need something to be mad about? A lot of the gays I’ve known are like this.  They’re like women. If they don’t have something to be self-righteous about, they’d die of boredom.

Is there really a serious problem here? I don’t know. Any dichotomy between this PSA’s message and faggot or nigger is totally unacceptable. They aren’t the same thing.  Instead, this PSA comes off whiny and naggy.

You don’t like it? Tough.  Wait out the vocab cycle.  We don’t say Bully anymore to mean Awesome. Don’t let it offend you.  It’s nothing against gays. We’re just still stuck in the Beavis and Butthead generational swing. Sometimes shit’s just gay. Sorry.

*that’s not funny. I apologize.


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