Another Voice Heralding the Plutocratic Apocalypse

A survey of American's thoughts on income distribution and where they'd like it to be.

There’s an excellent feature section on Mother Jones right now.  Plutocracy Now.  Inspired genius in journalism if there ever was any. And not just because I’ve been decrying the American Plutocracy since I wrote that thesis paper on Ayn Rand a year ago.

When you click over, there’s a lot to take in and I’ve presented here an easy-to-digest chart.  But take your time, if you’re reading this we can safely assume you’re running on more cylinders than just your limbic brain – which is what more fear-motivated conservatives can never quite seem to move beyond.

Hit the jump for the most devastating chart and a link to the full article.

This one's a little harder, but take your time with it.


and some Further Reading


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