Bipartisan Lawsuit Against Gov. Scott

A Republican and a Democrat filed a joint suit against Governor Rick Scott stating he doesn’t have sole authority to reject $2.4 billion for the proposed high-speed rail project linking Tampa and Orlando.

“This is not a monarchy. He is not a king,” Joyner said. “This is a democracy. There are three co-equal, independent branches of government and it is necessary for them to be respected.”

Just two months in and Scott is already behaving like Florida’s CEO – what he was elected to be – and everyone already hates him.  One Dorian Thomas – noted conservative (Hi, Dorian!) – has plotted the logistics of getting to Tallahassee to punch Scott in the face. To death.

[Scott] again restated his opposition to high-speed rail, citing potential cost overruns and other liabilities that advocates insist will be covered by private companies. “I’ve not been convinced that the state’s not going to be on the hook for all of these things,” he said. “No one has shown me anything different.”

Which is fucking hilarious, because Scott blocked private companies from even making pitches.  Think about that. You’re pro-business.  You can’t block business from proposing plans which they say will comply with your requirements that Florida’s taxpayers not be held liable if this shit goes South.  Like Tropicana Field, for example.  Which will come out of our 7% sales tax, forever, here in Tampa.

The Florida Supreme Court gave Scott til noon today to respond and the state senators will have until 4 p.m. today to respond to Scott. May the Force be with us.



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