Thank You, Sunchips, Frito-Lay

Preparing to cut the Sun Chips bag

Image by anotherkindofdrew via Flickr

Finally, a corporation that’s willing to look American’s in their doughy, entitled faces and say “shut the fuck up already”.

Much like American house women complaining about how new environmentally friendly dish soaps leave streaks on their dishes.  This occured when manufacturers removed an environmentally unfriendly compound in their standard detergents.  The house women screamed to have them back, because dishes that don’t sparkle might as well be covered in shit.

The SunChips bag that came out last March tanked hard.  Something about up to 85 decibels of crinkle noise and Facebook hate groups.  Besides, no one was really using them in a way in which they would actually be composted.

Frito-Lay caught on to their unpopularity, eliminating the compostable, plant-based bags for all flavors except Original. Now, the company believes it’s found a fix: a rubbery adhesive placed between the bag’s layers. The new glue will significantly reduce sound as it is rolled out in the Original bags.

Delicious.  Rubbery adhesive is my favorite flavor of instant oatmeal.  I bet it’ll be great on chips.



One Response to Thank You, Sunchips, Frito-Lay

  1. Pakiprince86 says:

    Good, I liked the noisy ones. I used to be able to annoy and distract a lot more co worker with loud crinkling than I can now.

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