Listen: Have a Good Cry, Don’t Be Such a Prick

The WTF Podcast paints itself as a bunch of interviews with hilarious people.  So far, two episodes have made me cry.  Two out of, maybe 25 that I’ve listened to.  That’s starting to put the lie to the podcast’s modus operandi.

But comedian Mike DeStafano let’s go. There’s jokes, lots of jokes.  Then he comes out with the preface, ‘I wanted to come on your show to do this because I know you and your audience would understand.’ And boom, a torrent; a rush of emotions comes at your ears. If you don’t cry I don’t know whats wrong with you.

So listen if you’re man enough.

Also, his story strangely parallels Don Gately from Infinite Jest.  Maybe that helped me to cry.


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