The Great Crying Hunger To Eat Bullshit*

There’s a lot of Buddhists out there.  They keep creeping into the podcasts I listen to with sentences that start, “Well, in Buddhism you…” and “Buddhists do… and it seems to work.”

I’m sure it makes sense when you don’t think about it.  Like this gem of the religious world:

“If we dig down to the bottom of difficulties with unbalanced eating, drinking, using painkillers, difficult relationships, any of the millions of forms of human suffering, you will find a spiritual issue,” Bays said, “a longing for connection, for intimacy.”

If this were true, the Pope would never have a pot belly, right? He’s God’s Holy Mouth on Earth.  Pope’s have pot bellies folks.  The Great Spiritual Mystery is over.  There’s nothing about pushing your monkey brain’s pleasure buttons that suggests an absence of godliness.

We don’t eat because we need more God or Religion.  We don’t take drugs because of an absence of some greater Cosmic one-ness that we’re trying to plug in to.

We like to feel good.  Your brain on God is not dissimiliar from your brain on acid.  Tongue-in-cheek case-and-point:

If you didn’t know that Religion was the cause of that kind of bullshit, you’d suspect drugs.

There’s some serious whininess here that I can’t fathom.

“I feel like I want to hold my stomach and say, ‘I’m sorry that I haven’t been listening to you,”‘ says one.

Can you imagine the above quote-giver’s pained expression.  Their wholly sincere human emotion to feel guilt and sorrow over their lack of indulgence in their spirit.  Their great crying to be hugged.  I’m reminded of the scene from the end of Infinite Jest wherein Hal thinks hes visiting Narcotics Anonymous and realizes its an organization for Men who need to nourish their Inner Child. I think no one else will get this reference…


*I mean, of course, Metaphysically.  Not  junk food.


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