Pro-Business is No Business

Maybe now I get it. Yesterday I didn’t.

Scott’s announcement caught many people by surprise. When elected in November, he had said he intended to withhold a decision on accepting federal high-speed rail money until after he saw a feasibility study.

His announcement came before that study was complete and before companies were allowed to submit bids detailing how much risk they might assume.

By serving as the final arbiter.  The inside job businessman, Scott’s acting as our Benefactor.  He knows best and what He knows is best for all.

Luckily, the government is giving Florida one week to get its shit together.*  Perhaps they’re just as dumb-founded that Our Benefactor knows something that they don’t.  A cult’s power structure does tend to look odd from the outside. What better cult is there then the Cult for More Better Business, courtesy of Our Benefactor.


*Read on if you’d like to see the contingency plans.


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