The Governor We Deserve; Not a Penny More

I don’t know how to approach the category I’ve bestowed upon this.  Is this Randian? Is this the free-market, pro-business, free-wheeling capitalism that we were promised? That we elected in Governor Rick Scott?

In the interview on WUSF, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio seemed crushed by Scott’s total rejection of any possibility of funds for high speed rail in Florida.  Is it flagrantly pro-business to not even allow for businesses to bid on the plan?  If they bid on the plan and there was no contractual way to remove financial liability from the state – so that we taxpayers would never have to foot the $2 billion?

Is it free market capitalism to not even let private business investors pitch a bid for high speed rail?  What if there was a proposal out there that could have 100% protected tax payers?  What would Rick Scott lose by letting business have a say?

Perhaps the Randian thing to do is to let businesses fuck us, but never ever give us a glimmer of hope for the capitalist system.  If Business looks like a winner, we lose.  But if we get fucked, and business was kept out of the equation, then we still lose? I dunno.

“How unfortunate that this opportunity is loss. There is a greater risk in doing nothing,” [Iorio] said.

Let’s hope he really fucked up here.



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