Profile of a 16-year-old Cop Killer

I was going to copy the first five grafs over, but I figured the unlicensed plagiarism that I base my blog on would get way out of hand at that point.  But to summarize, these sentences are included:

Lindsey already had a rap sheet with charges of grand theft auto.

He struggled with grades but was quiet, polite and obedient. He high-fived his older brother each morning…

…he had a mother and father and extended family in his life, people who showed up for his parent-teacher conferences and seemed to care about what became of him.

Mayor Bill Foster remembers being struck by that fact last year, when he sat in Lindsey’s den while joining police on a curfew check. Unlike some of the other troubled kids the mayor visited that night, Lindsey looked him in the eye and talked about his goals.

“This one’s going to make it,” Foster recalls thinking.

So I ask again.  What the fuck is going on in St. Petersburg’s low-income housing communities? What is going on in the ghettos and with struggling families – but still functional families.

I posed this question at work and my idiot boss says: my 16-year-old brother knows better than to shoot a cop.

That’s the kind of ignorance that’s really dangerous.  If that’s what you think this is all about, move the fuck on.  Your white, upper-middle class, redneck brother from the exurbs of Wesley Chapel has nothing in common with a 16-year-old from the projects, other than that they both escaped Aliens-style from a vagina about the same amount of time in the past.

I want to know how this kid misses 42 days of high school this year. How someone who teachers and even the mayor thought had potential to escape – or even that the word escape seems apropos is a point of discussion – the ghetto, ends up killing a cop.



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