Why The Police Are Getting Shot

That’s an insanely fast response to yesterday’s question – provocation, maybe? – that something is underlying this spat of shooting in St. Petersburg.  And it’s that there’s a ghetto in St. Petersburg. And ghettos are full of people who’ve previously interfaced with the law, or live in a culture where they can be told, like the Great Dave Chappele said:

“Oh, no nigga. Don’t do that. That’s five to ten!”

It’s possible the killer of Officer David Crawford in St. Petersburg Monday night was someone who had been in prison and “didn’t want to go back,” said Heide.

And the big answer. To why these police have to die in the line of duty.  Who is responsible for killing them.  Who is behind the bullet, behind the gun: brother its you and me.

FBI statistics between 2000 and 2009 show that 62 percent of cop killers were previously convicted of crimes. Because of budget cuts, overcrowding and the lack of rehabilitation programs, prison conditions are increasingly more severe, said Heide, making some ex-convicts “determined to shoot their way out of trouble.”

“Our prison system is turning out some people so desperate that we have to ask if, in the larger picture, society isn’t working against itself,” she said. (emphasis mine)

And let’s remember.  The boy who killed this police officer is 16 years old. You might be struck with pangs of “I don’t care, he still deserves to die”.  And sure, some kids are just fucked for life.  But this has got to crush your heart in more ways then remorse for the dead officer.  When this kid or any kid, kills anyone.



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